Northside Boys Girls Toddler/Little Kids/Big Kids Frosty Winter Snow Boot

Price: $29.95
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  • 100% Nylon
  • Imported
  • Synthetic sole
  • Shaft measures approximately 8" from arch
  • Insulated snow boot with waterproof upper featuring hook-and-loop strap and bungee-cord closure at topline

Why Northside Shoes Are Your Preference Going Into Winter

Sure! You wish you’ve had some of the footwear products still joyfully hanging on your shelf gone with the winds, especially during the winter season when the snow was crazy. Now, come, let us reason together: can you remember the last time you have massive patronage to your e-store for winter shopper’s needs? Or can you count at the tip of your fingers the number of frosty winter boots that should have found their way to the foot of those young bouncing kids? Guess why they remain on your shelves? Perhaps you’re not offering the right quality products. Or could it be that you don’t visit Amazon to check out for those incredible kids snow boots that are available for you to offer during the coming winter? And they come at relatively low prices.

In any case, the research has been done on your behalf and here is a product that is hot and trending and has the potential to skyrocket your profit and increase customer patronage come this winter. It’s Northside Kids Frosty Winter Snow Boot. What’s special about this you, may want to know? And I’ll tell you‘re getting to the heart of your customers this winter if only you can read this post, add the product to your list the next time you’re shopping. That done? You’re on your way to take the lead and have your competitors call for envy.

Now, let us get down to business and see what’s unique about this amazing product that has taken the first shot in ranking among many other winter boots that are available in the market. But hey, before then, it’s important to remind you never to forget to run promotional giveaways of this product on your own. This will go a long way to help you to create buzz, reward your target audience, and attract new customers while retaining the old folks.

What’s Northside Kids Frosty Winter Snow Boot

Don’t want your family to have a terrible experience once the uninvited October guest comes knocking on the door and wouldn’t leave until the end of March? Northside is one of the snow boots that give rock-solid fashions for families. The shoe comes with incredible features that ensure families get the best of experience during the winter season when snow takes over the whole place. The boot comes in different but quality styles, colors, designs, sizes, materials, and shapes. The shoes are so cute that each person has their size without having to squeeze their toes or feel the discomfort that many snowshoes give during and off the winter season.

One thing that attracts buyers to this shoe is the quick-draw laces that give it beauty and ease to users. The shoes also offer pleasing silhouettes including traction soles and toe guards which protect the feet from damp and ice injuries. Northside is not only good for winter, it’s an incredibly superb footwear for an all-season experience. It comes as a higher-priced brand, but with a competitively low price tag. It’s simply family footwear that gives excitement, warmth and comfort.

The Material Make-Up and Construction Of Northside

This snow boot from Northside features all-season and all-weather protective power as well as a layer of 200-gram thermolite insulation. The upper is made 100% of nylon. The bottom of the boot comes with waterproof lightweight TPR shell, a reflective hell pull, and an adjustable bungee and elastic toggle closure. The midfoot is composed of hook and loop strap while the sole has a blend of durable rubber traction sole, detachable Berber lined insole and a humanmade outsole. The lining is made of fabric. In terms of construction, the boot has a round toe, thermal lining with shaft measures that stand at approximately 8″ from the arch and an elastic toggle collar. Northside is a perfect blend of simplicity, elegance, and function. Little wonder it has become a sought-after product in both offline stores and e-boutiques.

What To Look Out For When Buying Northside

Let it be said again that you have to be flexible when going to buy this boot. You’ll have to keep a lot of things within the memory space, so you don’t end up spending on counterfeit and fake boots. And you know, your customers will have to call for your head if they find out what you offer them is not what they pay for. Never allow that to happen. Ask these questions first:

Will my Feet be warm all day?

Here is the thing: whether your kids live in arctic tundra in Alaska, Cape Dyer in Nunavut, or Copley in Durham County, one thing that Northside Kids frosty winter snow boot offers them is the guarantee of warm feet all day. With a detachable Berber lined insole, Northside winter snow boot provides additional comfort and warmth. The hard truth is that there’s no use for winter boots that don’t keep feet warm and instead of turn feet into ice skates. But with Northside shoes, your kids’ feet are kept warm and dry all day, regardless of the number of hours they stay outside. Even in extreme temperatures (-30 or -40*F), this boot is great for the October-March snowy experience.

Does it guarantee traction?

The boot is made of a durable rubber outsole that gives traction and helps you resist any snow. The durable lightweight multi-directional outsole guarantees traction and ensures shock absorption. Northside kids frosty winter snow boot is a perfect solution to abrasion resistance in snowy or icy conditions.

Do my feet get damp inside Northside boot?

That’s one thing you don’t find with this boot. It is incredibly famous for its high waterproof feature. It consists of a durable yet lightweight, water-resistant shell which gives your kid’s toes are protected against water and stench keeps them dry and warm. The waterproof/rubber bottom does not come apart, so, you don’t have to worry about any fuzzy layer forming over the bottom of the boot.

Can my 7-year old kiddo carry this?

Sure! They aren’t too heavy, and you can slip on very easily. Your toddlers can even run in these. It looks big, but it’s excitingly lightweight. The boot weighs just a little above 14 ounces (14.40 ounces or 10 oz highest). So, whether it’s your five-year-old healthy boy or the just recuperating grandmother, the shoes are made in different sizes depending on the weight of each user. The shoes come pretty easy for toddlers to put on and take off without any hitches.

Are they only made for the male folks?

Oh, not at all. Northside is a unisex product that is available for both male and female kids. The shoes come in different sizes for youth, boys, girls, little kids and toddlers. Whether it’s a 14-year old boy or a year old girl-toddler, they’ll have their sizes and get all the comfort they look to derive from using the shoes. And the boots truly fit.

What about pricing?

That you get on the low. In fact, the price tag on this product is far below its incredible worth. Northside remains one of the few shoes in the market that give more value than the price placed on it. Whether you’re buying to retail or to sell, you get value for your money. On all the major e-marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Wayfair, Walmart, or China brands, Northside shoes are competitively priced, and you get a lot of profit off it.

Call To Action

You’ve got to optimally maximize the opportunities to go online and visit some of the e-commerce platforms that dropship this incredible product. But don’t just put your hard-earned money on the product without first having the following at the back of your mind. These will serve as the guide as you’re going to start shopping. Here are the takeaways about Northside Kids Frosty Winter Snow Boot and why you should buy it.

  • Competitively Cheap
  • 100% waterproof nylon uppers with Lightweight TPR outsole
  • Adjustable hook-and-loop strap and Bungee-cord closure at topline
  • 200-gram Thermolite® Insulation
  • Heavyweight fleece lining
  • Rated to -25°F
  • Synthetic sole

Final Shot

No doubt, this post has helped you garner a lot of information about the unisex Northside Kids Frosty Winter Snow Boot. Why waiting? Your competitors are already in the market rooting for it. Grandparents and younger folks are already preparing for the winter, and their children and parents are making calls to the retailers and e-store owners to help them get these boots. You want to grab all the incredible benefits Northside shoes, boots and sandals put before you? No regrets. No disappointments. In fact, you’ll come back to thank us later. But never forget to do this: measure your children or grandparents’ shoes. Know their shoe sizes and color preferences before you buy. Suppliers always provide guides that will help you with measurements. Never wait until the prices increase and you won’t be able to make as much profit as you should.

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