Orthofeet Highline Men’s Boot Men’s MW978

Price: $78.09 - $242.62
Total 555 customer reviews


  • 100% Nubuck
  • Imported
  • Rubber sole
  • Waterproof and breathable GORE-TEX membrane
  • Dual-density foam-padded collar
  • ABZORB foam cushioning
  • Built on OL-1 last for hiking with narrow heel width, high
  • instep, deep toe box, and wide forefoot
  • Polyurethane insert provide excellent cushioning

When it comes combining style, comfort, and safety, no other boot can blend it as much as the New Orthofeet Highline men’s boot. The now popular Men’s MW978 is another quality boot offering from Orthofeet that offers a lot for just minimal cost. The boot’s popularity is largely attributed to its combination of style and functionality; it is just the perfect choice for you when you want a shoe that you can use for many purposes and still have it in its best shape for a long time. Made in the United States, this shoe is a typical representation of everything the American spirit stands for, especially in resilience and patriotism.

The Orthofeet Highline men’s boot MW978 stands out for a lot of reasons that are going to leave a user spellbound, ranging from its amazing build to the level of protection it offers. It will sure get you thinking again about everything a simple shoe can do for you. Guess what? Despite all the amazing features that this boot stands for, it still sells at a more affordable price than most of its competitors, leaving it as the centre point between high-end features and budget pricing.


The physical look of the Orthofeet Highline Men’s Boot MW978 is unique and different from what you will see in the everyday shoes. No wonder it has been described by many users as the perfect solution for industrial needs. It is made to have a look that strikes the eyes at first sight, and presents it as comfortable, attractive and perfect fit; so you’ll expect it to catch the eye of anybody seeing it from the first look. It is specially designed with a premium orthotic insole that combines well with an ergonomic, cushioning sole soften step to give it an increased level of comfort, enhanced stability, and fit for support of natural foot movement. Like most other impressive products from Orthofeet, this one carries a unique design that will be looked at for a second time when worn into any small or big gathering. It comes designed with a thick, full toe box, giving enough room for you to spread your foot if you want properly or to take any position you want for maximum comfort.

Furthermore, on its design, the Orthofeet Highline Men’s Boot MW978 features a special rubber sole design that’s meant to support usage in damp areas, so once you have the boot on, there are no limitations on how far you can go with it. The leather design of this shoe does not only enhance its style but makes it also usable for different purposes. So when you want a shoe that’s fit for Industrial and heavy-duty use, or just looking for the perfect fit to complement your dress, you know for sure that this boot is the ideal turn for you.

Arch Support

Another significant feature that stands this boot out is arch support, particularly for heavy-duty workers, who have their jobs demanding the carriage of very heavy materials. The Orthofeet Men’s MW978, like most other popular orthopaedic boots, is built in with a special insole, combined with a shank that’s made of steel, both standing to withstand the weight and still maintaining a softness level that will help you continue to walk well and upright. Its sole also has the right traction to keep you from slipping. The company understands the need for safety during heavy work. Hence they’ve provided enough balance in shoe’s sole while providing the right shaped stalls to keep you from tripping or slipping off.


Most popular men’s boot is known to be easily damaged, but the Orthofeet Men’s MW978 was designed with soles and reinforced seams that are guaranteed to keep it going even after many years of use. With the shoe, you’re sure of excellent design, safety, and a fantastic long lasting feature. They are also incredibly light and can be easily maintained.


  • Offers some amazing health benefits to both young and old users
  • Simple but classic design
  • Perfect for industrial use
  • Durable, long-lasting and easy maintenance.

The Orthofeet Highline Men’s MW978 may be new, but it’s a boot type that’s certainly worth all the hypes going on around it. It is stylish, strong, and perfect for use in any environment. There are a lot of other exciting benefits that the Orthofeet Men’s MW978 offers – it takes users to understand.

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