The New Balance Men’s Training Shoe – Mx623v3

Price: $32.38 - $163.97
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  • 100% Leather
  • Imported
  • Rubber sole
  • Cross-training shoe with suede upper featuring injection-molded EVA midsole and non-marking outsole
  • Abzorb heel

Move over the world, there’s a new training shoe in town, and it offers a New Balance. As men, we need a super multi-purpose shoe which we can wear to the gym, run errands and still wear on the go without worrying about any form of discomfort. Well, now we can get all that and more with the New Balance Mx623v3 training shoe. This shoe was specially designed to manoeuvre both harsh and mild kinds of weather while leaving you feeling safe and protected, while on the go. This piece is all about the beauty that is the New Balance Mx623v3 men’s training shoe, but first, let’s take a look at New Balance as a company.

New Balance – The Company

This company has created some pretty amazing and durable designs for running shoes as far back as the ’70s. However, New Balance has been in existence since 1906, when founder, William Riley founded the New Balance Arch Company in the great city of Boston where he began selling arch supports for shoes. The New Balance company started producing shoes in 1938 but got its big break in 1960 after the Trickster running shoe was released. In 1976, the 320’s running shoe by New Balance became number one on the market, thus establishing a name and reputation for the Boston based company. Over the years, New Balance has been dedicated to producing high-quality running shoes for all sizes and genders. The company is doing this by incorporating more innovative designs to upgrade the quality and durability of their running shoes. New Balance is here to stay, and the Mx623v3 is just one of its many proofs.

About the Mx623v3

This running shoe was specifically crafted for comfort during pressure exercises like running. It is meant for sportsmen and athletes alike who seek a more comfortable and durable approach to their everyday routines. The New Balance Mx623v3 is founded upon its predecessor’s features. It offers convenience, comfort, breathability, durability and let’s not forget durability as well. It has a large heel capsule through which it absorbs pressure, and this enhances the comfort experienced all day long. Its collar foam is also reinforced and let’s not forget about its Eva footbed which makes movement feel lighter. The Mx623v3 is an absolute must-have for athletes and sports enthusiasts alike, and it comes from one company that is a force to be reckoned with for athletic training and gears, New Balance. These are more of its featured elements.

Features of the Mx623v3

  • It is made with 100% breathable leather.
  • It has a rubber sole for ease in movement.
  • An Abzorb heel is present.
  • The Mx623v3 makes use of imported materials.
  • It has a suede upper
  • This cross-training shoe features an injection moulded EVA sole in its midsections and a non-marking outsole.

The New Balance Mx623v3 comes in different sizes and offers a sense of diversity in all its 11 colours too. Its price ranges from $40 – $164. You’re sure to find this in the men’s department in any sporting goods store or any online store of your choice. Experience a new level of comfort and ease in movement with the Mx623v3. Weighing only 1.9 pounds it carries and evenly distributes your entire weight and prevents you from feeling lopsided when on the go.

If you are a runner, athlete or just someone who likes to work out, this shoe eliminates your need for stability and support as it hits the balance between low weight and a cushion feel. With the Mx623v3, there is no limit to what you can do. You can use it for your daily workout routines; you can wear it to pick up groceries or even wear it to work if you so please, it is so comfortable that its use becomes very versatile. All these and more are available to you, all you need to do is to purchase at your nearest mobile outlet, and you too can have a feel of the balance that New Balance brings to the table. The New Balance Mx623v3 is designed upon the essence of durability, versatility and breathability. It is very comfortable and guarantees natural movement, get yours now.

22 thoughts on “The New Balance Men’s Training Shoe – Mx623v3”

  1. Your website content is very effective and help full for people.I understood that you try to clear that concept about this subject.But i also read another content from another website. I think it’s most better full content to your website content.

  2. Great Price, Great Fit, Exactly What I Was Looking For!

    I have big feet, I’m a big guy. Been big all my life. Finding shoes that fit in a local store usually cost me $150.00 to $200.00 and are not as comfortable as these! They fit perfectly and were exactly what I was looking for. Easy to put on, feel good, none slip textured soles. I broke a wrist a few years ago when I fell two feet, slipping on a wet deck and went down three steps. The shoes I was wearing at the time cost $150.00. They had smooth rubber soles. The broken wrist they caused cost 100 times what I paid for those name brand shoes.These New Balance are far superior. I even bought another pair in black/grey color. After suffering (and I do mean suffering!, extreme prolonged pain) the broken wrist I am very cautious about buying shoes. Don’t need any more broken bones! These are great shoes at a very reasonable price and they add a little spring to my step. Makes me want to walk longer, faster and with confidence.

  3. OK, but earlier versions were more comfortable.The shoes fit well. You can see the NB “downgrades” on the cheap from earlier versions. The insoles are nowhere near as comfortable on the MX623v3 as they were on earlier versions, or even the 608s. Overall a good shoe for 5 to 10-mile walks, but they made better versions for around the same price–and discontinued them, or changed the version.

  4. starsA Great Shoe.As the saying goes: Fits like a glove.. Well-made and very comfortable and supportive. Reasonably priced. Good walker. I put in a pair of Dr. Scholl’s Odor-X inserts which will keep them smelling like “the great outdoors..” Very pleased.

  5. starsCharcoal helps make this shoe GREAT !!This is a very attractive and comfortable shoe ! The color of the shoe makes it look a bit “dressy” for this type of athletic shoe. It has been easy to clean and keep fresh for everyday wear. I would recommend this shoe for walking, jogging, and visits to the mall. Great shoe for me !!!

  6. Love these shoes.I have purchased this style of New Balance shoes many times, just ensure you put the left shoe on the left foot, and the right shoe on the right foot.

  7. My trusty New Balance shoes just wore out from too much use. They fit just like you would expect a New Balance. I wanted something with not a lot of color on them these worked great.

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