New Balance Kids’ 680V5 Hook and Loop Running Shoe

Price: $15.99 - $115.46
Total 249 customer reviews


  • Man Made
  • Imported
  • Synthetic sole
  • Shaft measures approximately low-top from arch
  • Injection Molded EVA midsole
  • ABZORB heel

What makes a shoe the best running shoes for your kids. You don’t want your kid running around without any pair of shoes, and even worse you don’t want to get shoes that won’t be strong enough to keep them safe from getting injuries. Children will always be children; this means, you will always have them running around everywhere they are. Running Shoes are a must for every growing child. They not only just look good on the feet but they give your children balance.

Many companies offer various running shoes for kids. In fact, it’s safe to say that you can find almost a thousand of these shoes in the market. How do you know the one that’s the right fit? How do you know that you’re getting value for your money?

First of all, if you are looking for a shoe that will give your children arc support, have a shock absorbing and comes with a firm heel for support, then we recommend our choice, the New Balance Kids’ 680V5 Hook and Loop Running Shoe.

What to look for when buying kids running shoes?

As said earlier, there are many different brands of kids running shoes, and we also know that this can cause a lot of problems. You don’t want to end up buying a product that would end up in a recycle bin. That is what may probably happen if you don’t read reviews like this. We want to help you make the right choice and buy a lasting product that you will enjoy in the long run. We will guide you on how you can get the best running shoe for your kid.

First, before you even consider buying a shoe for your child, you need to be very sure of the size they wear. Also, consider the socks space. You can have your kid wear a sock and try out some shoes. Make sure that running shoes are not tight or uncomfortable. Getting shoes for children is not always easy especially because they keep growing every day. It is important that you take time to find the right size of shoes that would fit the shape of their feet.
Also when choosing shoes remember that the shoes must be comfortable for them to run in. It is not all about style or color. Good footwear has a long term effect on your child’s posture. It is vital that you get shoes that will support their joints and body while they run around or play.

We have compiled a guide to show you how you can identify a good kid’s running shoes. Good running shoes must have:

  • A shock absorbing sole
  • A firm heel
  • A supportive arch
  • A flexible forefoot

Tips on buying running shoes

When you visit a store for a running shoe, we recommend that you get the New Balance Kids’ 680V5 Hook and Loop Running Shoe because of its quality, durability, and comfort.

Here are things to consider before you buy your kids new running shoes:

  1. If you are buying shoes at a store, get your kids feet measured. They should check the width and length of your child’s feet.
  2. Find shoes that you can get in many different lengths and widths. The reason is you need the shoe to feel comfortable on your child’s feet.
  3. Try as many shoes as possible because shoes are not standard. You won’t find the same size of shoes equal in all brands because their sizes differ. It is important that you look for fitting and not necessarily the size number. Make sure to try out as many pairs as possible.
  4. Consider how the shoe will be worn. For instance, if you will have your kid put on stockings, you will need to consider an extra allowance on the shoe to accommodate the socks your child wears typically around. Also if your child uses shoe inserts like arch supports also bring them to the store.
  5. Make sure there is enough space for the toes. When buying running shoes for your kids, you should also consider that their toes have to breath. Give a gap of 1 cm between the biggest toes and the end of the shoe.
  6. Ensure that the running shoes have very comfortable heels that will make walking and standing comfortable. Also, check that the running shoes come with cushioned heels. Your child’s heel must be firm in the shoes and not keep moving around in the shoe.
  7. Also, make sure that the heel of the shoes holds tight but is comfortable at the width.
  8. Have your child walk around in the shoes to be certain that it is the right size. Don’t just guess that the shoes will probably fit or that it was would stretch out later on. A shoe does not need to be broken before it is considered the right fit for your child.
  9. It is normal to have one foot bigger than the other one, and that is something to consider before going ahead to buy the shoe. Try out shoes on the bigger foot first.

Why we recommend the New Balance Kids’ 680V5 Hook and Loop Running Shoe

We understand that kids need to run around the place and play very well. It’s their nature, and it is unavoidable. They will climb anything, jump, run and explore every possible movement. At the end of the day, their feet pay the price for all that action. As parents, we must make sure that they get as sporty as they can. We can’t stop them, but we can keep up. That is why you need to invest in a running shoe that can withstand all that activity. Those little feet need to be protected from the hard surface floor. That is why we recommend that you get the New Balance Kids’ 680V5 Hook and Loop Running Shoe.

New Balance is known to make very quality shoes. They have invested a lot of their resources to make sure that people get the best and most comfortable shoes. They may not be popular when it comes to celebrity endorsements like Nike, Adidas, and others, but they match the quality of the top quality running shoes around the world. New Balance does not compromise on quality with their products.

Their running shoes are designed with “injection molded” ethyl vinyl acetate (EVA) midsoles. Their heels are also made to be able to absorb shocks and impact. They have built a reputation over the years for delivering quality, and you will find so many customer reviews about their products to prove that they are the best. When you buy the New Balance Kids’ 680V5 Hook and Loop Running Shoe, here is what you stand to benefit:


Just like their previous model the Stride Rite Kids’ Made 2 Play Cannan, the New Balance Kids’ 680V5 Hook and Loop Running Shoe comes with ABZORB heels that work with your midsole to give you support by playing the role of crash pad cushions.


The shoe is made of very quality and durable material. It is very comfortable on the feet and feels very light. The EVA midsole in this New Balance running shoe is also very soft.


Another great thing about this running shoe is that despite its quality, the company did not fail to add style to it. The shoe comes in ten different styles which you can choose for your child. If you prefer to go for the black and white, black and azalea or the reflection and Maldives. You can also choose other bright and flashy color like ozone blue and Fiji, or you can go for the team red and phantom.


If you have been looking for the right type of running shoes for your kid, you don’t need to go far as New Balance has you covered. Their products are worth every value for your money and you would enjoy the benefits of this shoe. New Balance products are very affordable, and they are associated with quality. If there is one product that you won’t regret buying is the New Balance Kids’ 680V5 Hook and Loop Running Shoe.
The most important part is, your child can keep on playing without coming home with sore feet. Also, you should know that the New Balance Kids’ 680V5 Hook and Loop Running Shoe is available in a lot of sizes, so there is always size for your growing kid.

Visit our store today and get the New Balance Kids’ 680V5 Hook and Loop Running Shoe for your child. If you have any inquiries, feedback or suggestions, please call us. We will always be happy to hear from you. New Balance is a company that is set on making the best shoes that will suit your needs. The company will also be happy to receive recommendations from you that would help them in serving you better.

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