NIKE Women’s Revolution 3 Running Shoe

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  • Synthetic
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Nike Women’s Revolution 3 Running Shoe: Getting Maximum Runner Experience

Jamie’s tale of counterfeit running shoes

“I can’t recall how many times I have been online in search of a pair of quality shoe to buy. It’s a devastating experience, to say the least,” Jamie, a serial traveller, and shopper lamented after several purchases of a particular brand of running boots that ended up as counterfeit products. And that had a disastrous telling on his brick and mortal e-store. You can only imagine how many buyers have had to go through such ugly instances and incidents while trying to buy athletic shoes, either for personal use or business purpose.

Jamie, Katrina in another mess

Again, Jamies was making a return trip from China in December when he ordered another pair of shoe product for his wife. After some days of delay, the order was delivered. Happy Katrina wore the shoes for a trail running, and after a few days of use, the sole started peeling off. Sadly, before the first month, the whole shoe was in tatters. Jamie had to make a call through to the dropshipping company for a return. But for a favourable return policy of the company, Jamie would have seen his money again gone for good, and without value.

Nike Women’s Revolution 3 Running Shoe

Against this backdrop of a sequence of failed attempts to get a good top quality running product to stock his store and please his wife, Jamie was advised to go for a different product entirely. Nike Women’s Revolution 3 Running Shoe was recommended for him. Jamie heeded but reluctantly. He decided to spend some cool cash on this product. Here are the testimonies from Jamie and Katrina after the first six months of wearing Nike Women’s Revolution 3 Running boots.

“Now I can have all my world around me. Yes I may not be able to recover all the money I have lost to purchasing counterfeit products, but I think relishing the moment of using a Nike Women’s Revolution Running Shoe is enough to say I’ve not lost a dime,” excited Jamie said after making a lot of money from the sale of ten pairs of the shoes within a month.

“Is it the grip of the shoes you want to me talk about? It is incredible. Or, is it the comfort it gives? It is second to none. So, whether you’re a runner or not, all I can say is get yourself one pair and experience what I’m talking about,” elated Katrina revealed after wearing Nike Women’s Revolution 3 Running Shoe for a year without a trace of peel or damage.

Welcome to the World of Nike Women’s Revolution 3 Running Shoe

The terrible experiences of Jamie and Katrina with different women’s boots will not make you opt for any other running boot apart from Nike Women’s Revolution 3 Running Shoe. Whether you’re a runner who wants a neutral running shoe for regular training purposes, or you’re a non-runner just in love with a pair of shoes that gives comfort, then truly the Nike Revolution 3 is a great choice. Even the mention of Nike brand itself alone has got some hair set on the edge. So, both the brand name and the quality of products they produce are enough reasons never to look elsewhere for any other shoe for the female folks.

The Nike Revolution 3 is designed as a neutral road running shoe that is sturdily built. It is a reasonably priced product suitable for women who are considering having high comfort and an excellent energy return. The shoe has a spacious toe-box, which enables users with a wide foot to experience comfort when running with the shoe.

Again, wearers of the Nike Revolution 3 will not experience any back pain due to its excellent padding in the heel region. The shoe has an elegant look which makes a lot of purchasers like its overall shape and appearance, making it appealing to users.

Nike Women’s Revolution 3 Running Shoe’s Makeup


Again, the waffle outsole of the Nike Revolution 3 provides all durability that the shoe needs to keep it perform the necessary task for longer duration and work effectively as well to keep a grip of the shoe on dry and wet surfaces. The shoe also composes of grooves in the forefoot region which helps to enable flexibility as well as enhance the adjustment of the shape of the shoe according to the movement of the foot while running. The shoe’s rubber outsole allows optimal grip and traction while users run with it.


The shoe’s midsole utilizes the molded foam insole which helps in enhancing comfort and is responsible for higher sensitivity to injury or pain. The foam performs two main functions, namely, serving as a cushioning material for the user as well as ensuring a firm and elastic steps. It also provides excellent power to return energy to the foot and leg. Again, there is the ‘Soft Foam Midsole’ which also ensures comfort under the foot.


With a blended mesh upper, the Nike Revolution 3 boasts of intelligent design. The upper is made of lightweight synthetic overlays which enhances optimal breathability and with a blend of comfort. There are also perforations in the upper which allow enough amount of air to penetrate the foot and keep them dry and cool during a running session.

The essence of the light weight of the synthetic overlay is to ensure that the user can carry the shoe easily while running without having to drag and slow down the speed. The overlays also serve as structural design to the upper of the shoe. There is a breathable fabric lining added across the upper to enhance breathability and make the users feel some comfort. The lace-up closure helps to maintain the snug fit of the shoe which surrounds the user’s foot while making his running.

Still, at the upper, there is the addition of cushioned tongue and collar that help keep the foot of the runner in its proper place while running to avoid twisting of the ankle. The lace makes for the easy wearing of the shoe and gives comfortability.

How Nike Women’s Revolution 3 Running Shoe takes over the market?

Have your feet Dry all Day

Katrina’s first experience using this shoe is a high level of comfort when she was wearing it. You’ll always find it interesting using Nike Women’s Revolution 3 Running Shoe, especially when it comes to having dry and cool moments when your feet are inside it. With the availability of breathable mesh upper, There is no need to worry about having feet cramp or damp feet when you‘re on the shoe.

Finding your size is no big issue

The shoe fits perfectly to size. It is designed and built in the standard running length for both male and female folks. The width comes in the standard medium of D for men and B for women, respectively. The shoe has enough space toe-box which makes it suitable for runners to run with it comfortably without any hitch, pain or bruise. Even users with wide feet will enjoy the shoe because of the spacious box.

You’re guaranteed 100% Traction

The waffle outsole of the shoe guarantees you perfect traction, incredible flexibility, and enhanced durability, maximum grip. It’s a blend any runner will want to have because on both dry and wet surfaces you have no fear of falling or slipping.

No discomfort, breathability is sure

The shoe has a ‘mixed mesh material’ at the upper region which ensures enough breath and makes users feel a high level of comfort. The mesh is a smooth and silken material that smoothens up with the runner skin. Plus, the shoe is composed of highly intelligent positioning of perforations around the mesh which allow for breath and a healthy inflow and outflow of air.

No spinal disc worry

As you can see that many a running shoe out there cause some damage to the back as a result of lack of cushioning. But for Revolution 3, the regular runner will desire it because the wearer need not be wary of back pain. The experience is incredible as you will not go throughany form of back pain. This is owing to the presence of excellent cushioning in the heel region of the shoe.

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  • Responsive
  • Firm cushioning
  • 100% Synthetic
  • Foam sole
  • Lightweight: 8.8 and 7.03 oz
  • Flexible design

A Wrap

Never learn the Jamie way. It won’t be a pleasant experience as it wasn’t for Jamie and his wife Katrina. Come to think of it: what better shoes can you choose for your wife and sister than Nike Women’s Revolution 3 Running Shoe? It is truly revolutionary. The market is full of a lot of shoes you can choose from, but it is always the best idea to search for quality and features that squarely fit into what you desire. Comfort is the word. And if you want that, you’ll desire Nike Revolution and never hesitate to have it on your shoe rack.

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