The best summer sandals for kids

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  • 100% Polyester Webbing
  • Imported
  • Rubber sole
  • Toddler version does not have the “waterproof” tab on the shoes, but the Children and Youth styles do.

Summer is fast approaching and children are looking forward to having fun. It’s a fact that kids would always have their way during summer, climbing, running, jumping or even swinging from sandboxes to slides. Sure you don’t want to have the kids complain of sore feet after a long-running on playgrounds. And as such, it is vital to have summer sandals that can protect and support their feet while they perform all the fun activities. These sandals should provide traction, stability, and warmth to their little feet while running around the playground. Nifty features like the durability and comfort should also be considered when purchasing summer sandals for the kids. However, if you’re always looking out to buy new kicks for the kids every summer, then it is because you’ve not been getting the right shoe products. The right summer sandal gives you less worries regardless of how the kids are running, diving or even climbing the hills. You can literally care less about checking their feet because you know they are well protected even for long hours of running. But is there a perfect sandal as such? Yes.

Keen Newport H2 sandals for kids are a perfect kick for the playground and beyond. It provides comfort and makes a fashion statement for kids. As a matter of fact, parents love this sandal because they’re lightweight, nicely insulated and perfect sandals for kids who want to get dirty. So as a parent keeping the kids healthy during summer can easily be achieved by getting a pair of keen new port H2 sandals. So what are you waiting for? Here are some other amazing features of keen to sparkle your interest but before then let’s get to know about the material makeup of keen.

Material make up of keen new port H2 summer sandal

These reliable sandal for toddlers aren’t like the conventional sandals that we’re used to. Unlike other summer sandals, this sandal is made of 100% polyester webbing and a mesh lining that’s great for good breathe-ability. It has a flexible rubber outsole that enhances comfort and a rubber toe-box that’s ideal for playing around. Plus, the elastic cord lace is of great benefit because you won’t have to bother about the kids tying or untying the shoelace. The upper is made of water-resistant leather. It has a washable upper part so you can easily throw it in a washing machine for a quick and easy clean. Keen is a must have not a choice, It comes with a hook and loop strap which makes it stay secured to their foot. It is a perfect blend of simplicity and comfort. So whether kiddo is climbing the hills or bouncers, this sandal is definitely a great and comfortable choice to pick.

Amazing features of keen

It’s nearly impossible to think there won’t be a sandal that enhances balance grip for kids. But with keen, there are tons of features you could count. Features like durability, reliability, and versatility are features to reckon. It features are numerous and can’t be found in other shoe product. These features have been able to give answers to questions and reasons to why every child deserves an exciting summertime with keen.

Comfort and sustainability in one pack

Every child deserves a shoe that offers comfort, and that’s what keen sandal is best known for. Keen is a full pack of awesomeness, designed with comfort, sustainability and a stellar choice for kids who play hard. You can always ensure the kids are safe when their feet are well protected with the right pair of shoe. However, buying a pair of keen is the smartest thing you can do to get your kids ready for the summer fun.


The Keen Newport H2 summer sandal is made of a durable rubber outsole that gives traction and keeps the kids from falling. The durable multi-directional outsole guarantees traction and absorbs shock. Keen Newport H2 summer sandal is a perfect solution to abrasion resistance. It is a better choice if you want to take your active child from the playground to the beach, to the mountains, and the street. Keen will keep them protected regardless.


Are you not tired of ordering for new kicks every summer? Well, this will be a thing of the past with keen new port H2 sandals. Of course, your kids can wear this sandal for as long as possible. In fact, it doesn’t matter what your child likes to kick; keen will always give a guarantee you can’t get from other shoe product. However, its material of construction is one you can trust any day at any time. The durability of keen gives you a reason to save money instead of spending more on shoes every summer. Having a pair of keen can save you more money than you can imagine because the durability is great.


Here is the thing, whether your kids live in a city that experiences 7 to 8 months of summer, one thing is certain, Keen Newport H2 sandal will keep up with your kids all summer long. They come in different color shades. They aren’t too heavy, and you can slip on very easily. Your toddlers can even run in these. It looks big, but it’s lightweight. The sandal weighs just a little above 4 ounces. So, whether it’s your five-year-old healthy boy or girl, the sandals are made in different sizes depending on the weight of each user. The shoes come pretty easy for a toddler to put on and take off without any hitches. It is a hybrid sandal that can be worn to the pool or waterparks and quick-drying webbing that allows kids to get in and out of water without having a soggy foot. Plus it provides support, versatility, and sturdiness all in one foot. These are rare qualities you hardly find in other shoe products. So whether the kids are all-terrain explorers or leaf jumpers, you can always trust keen to keep their feet protected.


Your little girls and boys can both rock this shoe. Keen is a unisex product that is available for both male and female kids. The shoes come in different sizes for toddlers. Whether it’s a 4year old boy or a year old girl-toddler, they’ll have their sizes and get all the comfort they look out for in using the shoes. And interestingly it fits like a glove so no need to worry about an oversized shoe.

Why Keen is best for summer

Unlike some other shoe product, keen kids footwear is recognized as a producer of high quality outdoor and activity based footwears for kids. Their focus has always been on making durable footwear that can provide the utmost comfort for kids. The amazing features of keen are one that can’t be compared. It’s a must-have shoe product for summer if you care about keeping the feet warm and safe. So what are you still waiting for? You can maximize this opportunity to go online and visit for a quick purchase of this incredible product. is the best place to find this amazing summer sandal with all the listed features. And since summer with kids is meant to be fun and safe, here’s a quick wrap on some nifty features of Keen Newport H2 summer sandal and why you should buy it.

  • Competitively Cheap
  • 100 % polyester webbing
  • Adjustable hook-and-loop strap and an elastic cord lace
  • Compression molded EVA midsole
  • Removable metatomical PU footbed
  • Clean sports NXT for natural odor color
  • Rubber sole

What should be done before shopping for the kids’ shoe

Here is a mistake parent often make. They go to purchase a shoe without measuring their feet. Although keen can be adjusted to fit their feet, it is also important you measure so you don’t end up with an oversized shoe. Kids grow in the blink of an eye, that you should have in mind. However, if you’d want to shop without regrets, be sure you take the kids to have their feet properly measured in a measurement store. Measurement of their feet is important, so you don’t end up purchasing a small or very large size compared to their feet. Know their shoe sizes and color preferences before you buy. Furthermore, there’s no international shipping of the keen new port H2 summer sandal it can only be purchased within the state.

No doubt you’ve garnered a lot of information about the unisex keen new port H2 summer sandal. So Why waiting? Hurry before someone picks the color you’d like. You can grab all the incredible benefits of keen new port H2 summer sandal by just visiting That’s the smartest thing to do right now. In fact, you’ll come back to thank us later. Invest your time and money on shoes that give the best support for your kids and watch them live happily. Keen new port H2 summer sandal will only be available for families who are ready to make it right with their kids this summer. You’ll need this sandal for summer, hurry now and make your purchase.

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